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Meet Katy Chow, a powerhouse of talent and ambition, whose diverse array of occupations will easily blow your mind. A model, TV host, actress, creative designer and museum educator, there’s nothing this girl can’t do.

We had the pleasure of catching her amidst her busy schedule in the beautiful city of Hong Kong. We got some insider tips, some of her favourite hidden gems and personal anecdotes that offer a quick peek into her life in Hong Kong.

When asked how she juggles it all. Well, according to Katy, it’s all about embracing it all and “going with the flow”!

The BTV Crunch Carryall 01 in Hot Pink hanging out at Katy’s workplace at m+ museum.


What’s the best part of your job?

I love the variety of my work where I encounter a lot of fun experiences and meet different kinds of people. The pure bliss of having freedom and work-life balance doesn’t make work feel like work, instead, something I truly enjoy.

Describe a perfect day for you.

My ideal day starts with a quick breakfast at 祥興咖啡室, one of my go-to spots, along with a classic milk tea from 恆香 Heng Heung. The bulk of my day is usually spent at modelling jobs. Afterwards, I like to unwind with friends at places like Kenny Town, Tai Ping Shan Street, Hollywood Street, or West Kowloon Cultural District. I often cap off my day with a comforting homemade hotpot dinner!

PS: Sadly, Katy’s breakfast recco was closed! 😭 So Man Hing Café was the next alternative, which turned out real good. There's something about classic Hong Kong breakfasts that just hits the spot!

Katy wears the Relaxed Striped Shirt in Mustard,
Unisex Denim Utility Jumpsuit in Washed Black and carries the Crunch Carryall 01 in Iris.

Name 05 things you can’t live without.

Fresh fries, my cat, Nala, milk tea and my BTV Crunch Carryall!

Where would you bring your Crunch Carryall to?

EVERYWHERE! Work, travel, date night—it’s such a handy accessory, it’s been through all kinds of days with me.  


Breakfast Spots
祥興咖啡室, 恆香冰室, 勝香園

Bar Spots
tell camellia, draft land

Chill & Relax Spots

tai hang, kennedy town, tai ping shan street, hollywood street, west kowloon cultural district, tai kwun

Scrambled eggs toast & milk tea

Gizzard izakaya & wings