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Beyond The Vines’ Cult-Favourite Dumpling Bag Is Getting A Revamp — And Refreshed Colours

By Nylon on 15 November 2021

You’ve seen it, you love it, you probably own it. Local label Beyond The Vines' Dumpling Bag is a ubiquitous sight among our fashionable peers — though the brand isn’t content on resting on their laurels with this bestseller. The design studio is back with a reissued version of the everyday bag, with some design updates and five fresh, seasonal colours that now includes a Lime, Mustard, Ice Blue, and Fern Green.

Launching this Friday, 19 November, the Dumpling Bag’s revamped design details include an elasticated opening with a hidden magnetic closure, for added security, and an improved finishing where all its seams are hidden within. Perhaps the biggest improvement has to do with a common gripe of the bag — new matte-finish hardware now ensures that the D-ring doesn’t slip down the adjustable strap, while it also features a subtle brand type logo etched on its surface.

Why is the Dumpling Bag so popular you ask? When we posed this question to brand founder Rebecca Ting last November at the launch of their Takashimaya Shopping Centre store, she had this to say: “The whole process of the bag was very user-centric, which, I think, is one of the reasons why people loved it.”

“We want people to take the bag on multiple journeys, rather than have one bag for certain occasions. We also needed it to be light, packable, water-resistant,” she added. Made from lightweight water-resistant nylon, the functional Dumpling Bag has indeed lived up to those qualities, while being extremely versatile no matter the leading style of your current wardrobe; then again, its strong utilitarian vibes are unmistakable.

Always attuned to users’ demands, Beyond The Vines has also launched the bag in a Micro size, alongside the XS, M, and XL ranges. For this relaunch, they’re introducing five new tone-on-tone colours, to add on to the existing classic shades for the XS design. You may take a look at the refreshed colours here.

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