Singapore-Fave Beyond the Vines Is Dropping Pokémon Dumpling Bags and We Gotta Catch 'Em All

Beyond The Vines Spot PH
By Spot on 16 Feb 2023

Chances are you've got one too many dumpling bags—yes, in different colorways and sizes—from Singaporean fashion brand Beyond the Vines, and for good reason. They're likely the reason you've fallen into the rabbit hole of micro and mini bags. Same here. Their dumpling bag—with its slouchy, flexible, and stretchy construction thanks to a lightweight nylon and water-resistant fabric—is truly a cult favorite. Take that and another classic that is loved all over the world, say, the animated world of Pokémon, and you get a legendary collection.

Beyond the Vines announced their Pokémon product line on February 7 and has had everyone buzzing with excitement and making space in their wardrobes since then. Well, they finally dropped pictures of the items online! From apparel, accessories, even a hecking skate deck, to, of course, the dumpling bags, boy, you're just going to want to catch, erm, get 'em all. Whatever it takes.

We spotted the XS Dumpling Bags (SGD $89, roughly P3,677) decked in the colors of popular Pokémons such as Eevee, with a mostly brown canvas sans the front flap pocket in cream; Jigglypuff, with pink and green; and Pikachu with black and striking yellow—all of these are complete with a label placed on the strap, with the respective character silhouette on them. You can also cop the Micro Dumpling Bag (SGD $79, roughly P3,264), for when you're carrying just the bare essentials, in the color black with hints of yellow featuring a reflective Pikachu print on the front flap. How many pokéballs do you think we could carry in it? Do you think Pikachu would fit? Only one way to find out.

If you're a big bag carrier, there are also canvas carryalls up for grabs. And if the bags aren't your thing, know that there are shirts, caps, and bucket hats with silhouettes of your favorite Pokémons. You can browse through the collection online.

The collection drops tomorrow, February 17, at 12 p.m. Unfortunately, the collection will only be available for sale in Singapore through their website and at the BTV Design Store. No word yet if it'll be available locally but we'll keep tabs for you.

For fans of both the brand and Pokemon living in the Philippines, you can order online and have it delivered to a Singapore address. Know anyone travelling to Singapore in the coming days? You can pasabuy. Whatever it takes, we know you're going to have it.

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